Like every classically trained chef, I learned to make pristine, all-natural, clear stocks the old-fashioned way: starting with high-quality bones, fresh vegetables, herbs and spices. In my restaurants, one of my cooks or I would generally put one or two stocks on the stove every night, arriving early the next morning to strain, cool, and put them away. There was just no substitute for doing it this way: the pastes and concentrates available from large producers were either too salty or had far too many additives.

But time becomes a precious commodity as we evolve in our careers, expand our businesses, and start families. I started to think about how I could help other chefs better their lives, and through research and determination, I came upon the happy marriage of traditional, healthy values in cooking with cutting-edge modern packaging technology. The result is Dale's Kitchen "Stock in a Box", which I guarantee will provide you with the qualities you require in a state-of-the-art, full-flavored, all natural foundation from which to create your best work.

Yours in the pursuit of excellence,
Charles Dale
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